Wood Fences in Little Elm TX

Wood Fences in Little Elm, TX

There are many variables that go into building fence structures.  These variables exist in all types of wood fence, iron fence, chain link fence, and vinyl fence and gate systems.  We are committed to excellence in the fence industry.  We offer a 5 year mechanical warranty on our fence systems, and we stand behind it!  If you’re looking for a Little Elm Fence Company who’s truly committed to building your Iron Gate or Fence the right way, give us a call.  We’re here to help! A wood privacy fence is still the favorite of many homeowners in Little Elm, whether it’s a backyard fence or anywhere on your property. It is attractive, cost efficient and has many options available that allow for a custom look. All of our wood fences (even the simplest of patterns) are customized for your property, as we do not use pre-built panels. Cedar fences are popular, but there are many materials, design options and special looks to choose from, so we can give you a fence that not only gives you the security and privacy you desire, but also compliments your home and your yard’s landscaping. Ask your fence specialists to explain the advantages to each wood option.

Western Red Cedar Fences

The soft red-brown timber has a tight, straight grain and few knots. It is valued for its distinct appearance, aroma, and its high natural resistance to decay, being extensively used for outdoor construction in the form of posts, decking, shingles and siding. One of Western Red Cedar’s most valuable characteristics is its well-known high resistance to decay. It is one of the most durable coniferous species and can be counted on to give long and reliable service under most conditions.
Everyone these days is concerned about the bottom line.  But who wants to deal with the frustration of having to learn a lesson by trying to save a buck or two.  We want to help, and with this in mind, we will attempt to beat any reasonable price offered by a legitimate Little Elm Fence Company.

Fence Posts

There are several types of fence post to choose from to build a wooden fence. Most cities will permit the builder to use a landscape timber in leiu of the metal posts. Metal post will help the fence to stay up and not allow the posts to be broken by the wind or rotted out by the water. 

Removal of the Old Fence

One concern of many homeowners after putting up a new fence, is what to do with the old fence after they tear it down. There are many fence companies in Little Elm who will charge only a small fee to come and haul away your old fence.