Fence Companies in Frisco

Everything You Need To Know About Fences in Dallas

Whether for aesthetic, privacy, or security reasons, a good-quality fence can last many years and is one of the most valuable additions to a landscape. A variety of fences are available from reputable fence companies for Dallas homeowners to choose from, including the classic picket fence, the inexpensive chain-link style, and durable wrought iron. Depending on your needs, one fence could be a better fit over another. If animal control is your main concern, a chain-link fence might be your best bet. If enjoying your yard in privacy is what you’re after, your Frisco Fence company can tailor a fence to create your own private space. Fence companies will work with you to find out what kind of fence best suits your needs.

Choosing the Right Fence

Why is cedar fencing so popular? Forty years ago, cedar fence boards were rich with dark red, brown and orange hues.  The boards had a strong cedar smell that was so pungent that you might have thought you were locked in your grandmother’s cedar closet.  Back then, cedar fencing came from old growth cedar trees.  When the trees were harvested; the trunks were as big around as Volkswagens, mostly comprised of heart wood with a few outer sapwood rings. Western Red Cedar trees contain tannins that naturally preserve the wood from decay and insect attack. The inherent tannin oils saturated throughout the lumber naturally protect it outdoors for many years. The darker red tones are derived from the center of the tree called the heartwood where the tannin oils are most concentrated. This characteristic combined with Western Red Cedar’s centuries of proven performance make it the preferred choice for building outdoor structures such as fences, arbors, and pergolas. Read More about Western Red Cedar Fences Here:

What are my options over cedar? There are options.  With the restrictions and limitations on harvesting old growth cedar, the wood industry has moved on to less popular but abundant species such as Pine, White Fir and Incense Cedar.  These species are in great abundance in older growth trees, providing more options for fence pickets. Although these other options are more cost-efficient, they simply do not provide the longevity that you will get from cedar. Especially considering Frisco, TX weather.

Chain Link Fences in Frisco

When you need an affordable long-lasting fence, chain link fencing is just the solution. Chain link is one of the most economical and versatile fences available, and is by far the most popular fence we sell.  We can customize a chain link fence for any height or color – just ask us! Popular Heights: 4 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot Popular Colors: Galvanized, Black, Forest Green, White Popular Styles: 2 inch mesh Accessories: optional privacy slats, automatic gates, any much more!

Metal Fences

When you want high class and security, our decorative metal fence is perfect.  Aluminum is the popular choice for residential use and wrought iron is most common for commercial applications (both fences look the same).  With hundreds of styles, colors, and height options available, we can install a fence that fits in perfectly with your surroundings.  From aluminum to steel  to high security crash barrier systems, we have experienced staff that can install a beautiful fence at your home or business. Add an automatic gate or a decorative arched gate for that finishing touch.